FAQ: Serious Fraud

Frequently Asked Questions: Serious Fraud

How does IFW Global work?

IFW represents investors who believe they have been scammed or duped into a fraudulent investment scheme. We will review the circumstances of the case and propose what recovery actions need to be undertaken to recover your money.

We may conduct an investigation, gather evidence, interview witnesses, talk to persons of interest and gather sworn statements or affidavits to prove whether fraud or deceptive conduct has occurred. Our professional investigators will determine whether criminal fraud or other criminal offences have been committed and in what jurisdiction. If the investment scheme cannot be proven to be of a criminal nature, then we will investigate whether a breach of contract or other wrongdoing has occurred. The evidence gathered by IFW can be used to either file criminal complaints or civil actions.

IFW has close working relationships with law enforcement agencies around the world. We also work closely with trusted lawyers in a variety of specialised fields to freeze assets, file civil claims and injunctions, including class actions, or group actions, for the sole purpose of recovering money from those involved in the deceptive or fraudulent conduct. IFW often negotiates private settlements on behalf of our clients prior to prosecution or legal action.

How long does an investigation take?

A preliminary investigation into any investment scheme can be usually be conducted within a 2 to 3 month period depending on the complexity of the case, the geographic locations involved and the number of investors involved. The first step is to review the investment agreement to verify the details and establish whether you have been deceived into investing money by false pretences, deceptive marketing or false and misleading statements. Once a case is analysed, then an investigation proposal is prepared detailing the scope of work that IFW intends to undertake along with the timeframe involved.

What evidence or information do you require?

If you believe you are a victim of a fraud or a deceptive scheme, then you will need to provide IFW Global with evidence of the fraud, including (but not limited to) all communications with the fraudsters, their contact details (emails, phone numbers etc) bank receipts, voice recordings, contracts and agreements, copies of any Police reports and any other evidence required to support your investigation.

What is the cost to conduct an investigation, and how do I pay?

The costs and fees associated with these investigations vary, depending on the number of investors involved. This will be determined once your case has been assessed by the IFW investigations team.

Our fees can be settled by bank transfer or by using a credit card (please note, all credit card transactions incur a 2.5% processing fee).

What other external expenses may be incurred?

You may have to pay additional fees for any legal representation or additional travel outside the scope of work, if this becomes necessary. We will never incur any additional expenses without your authorisation and/or prior approval. These costs are added to your claim to make up your total ‘costs and damages’ claim.

What if I’m unable to fund an investigation?

IFW Global Investigations is a private intelligence and investigations firm. We are unable to provide Pro-bono work as we incur significant costs throughout the investigation. We are not government funded and our firm does not offer litigation funding therefore it is necessary for our clients to fund their investigations. In larger group actions, the cost of an investigation, per investor, can be much less than an individual claim.

What is the chance of success?

Successful recovery is dependent on the experience of the investigations team, the evidence brought to light by an investigation, and the investigation budget to pursue the scammers as far as possible. We can confirm that IFW Global Investigations has recovered over $22 million for clients in the past 6 years and we continue to successfully negotiate settlements and return funds to our clients. Each case is carefully assessed to minimize the risk of paying money for a recovery and getting no return. IFW also does not accept cases if we believe the chance of recovery is low.

What happens if IFW Global is successful in recovering funds, but I am not a client of IFW Global, am I able to get my money?

Any recovered funds that come as a result of an IFW investigation or a private negotiation are only available to IFW clients who have signed our official engagement letter and accepted the terms of this engagement.

In criminal frauds cases, once the existing complaints are ready to file with Police, we cannot add more claims as this will delay law enforcement operations (raids and/or arrests). Once a settlement agreement is made, we do not get a second chance to add more claims as ceasing legal actions may be a term of the settlement agreement.

If you have any other questions, please contact us here.

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