Australia faces an epidemic of scams, a daily barrage of dodgy texts, phone calls and emails from anonymous cyber criminals and con artists, domestic and abroad.

On the latest episode of Anatomy of a Scam, IFW Global’s Executive Chairman, Ken Gamble, joins Deborah Knight to share Tony Camilleri story, who is a client of IFW Global.

This episode also features CommBank’s General Manager of Group Fraud, James Roberts and NSW Police Force Cybercrime Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent Matthew Craft.

Podcast Description

In the wake of the GFC, architect Tony Camilleri hoped to rebuild his battered retirement portfolio and was open to investment opportunities.

And then his phone rang. A cold call. A confident pitch from a charming stock broker. The kind of call that embodies the adage ‘if it’s too good to be true, well…’

Listen to the episode via Spotify or 9 Entertainment below. 

I engaged IFW to pursue my investment of AUD $1.8 million in a boiler room share market scam. IFW tracked down the fraudsters involved in my investment scam and had them arrested in the Philippines. We subsequently were able to freeze all their assets and negotiated a financial settlement which resulted in the return of all of my invested funds and recovery expenses. This was a life changing experience for me to recover my investment and restore my financial position. Thanks to IFW for their relentless pursuit of the criminals involved.

Tony Camilleri

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