Late in 2018 IFW Global allowed Australia’s 60 Minutes program to embed a film crew, as a major investigation into a crime gang was drawing to a dramatic conclusion.

Seasoned reporter Liam Bartlett joined IFW Chairman Ken Gamble and his team as police in Manila raided two locations that were home to a sophisticated investment scam operation. 32 people were arrested, putting to an end a criminal syndicate that was targeting Australians, costing them millions of dollars and untold levels of pain, once they discovered they had been conned out of their money. The raids were the culmination of a joint operation between IFW Global and Homeland Security Investigations.

60 Minutes told the story of the IFW investigation and revealed just how big these investment scams have become. They are raking in billions of dollars around the world from victims of all demographics. The story proved hugely popular in Australia, with millions of viewers tuning in, and it has also been seen by nearly 1.5 million viewers on the 60 Minutes YouTube channel.

Now, 60 Minutes has received a prestigious Kennedy Award in the consumer reporting category. The Kennedy Award is considered one of Australia’s most prestigious media awards and are handed out during an annual gala night in Sydney.

If you haven’t seen the award-winning BUSTED story you can view it here.

Most of the work conducted by IFW Global remains behind the scenes for sensitive operational reasons, but from time to time it’s important to work with media organisations to help expose the faces of criminals and help raise awareness amongst consumers.

The Kennedy Award is a ringing endorsement, not only of the professionalism of 60 Minutes, but the important work done by the IFW field agents, who work tirelessly to stop scammers ripping consumers off.

We are trusted by major media outlets, law firms, corporations and individuals because of what we bring to light.

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