While most people around the world take well-earned breaks over the festive season, sadly, cybercriminals don’t take time off and that means we have been busy with ongoing investigations, while launching cases for new clients over the past couple of months.

Our work continues around the clock, around the world, every day of the year. The year ahead will be one of the busiest on record for the growing team at IFW Global as our resources and experience are becoming crucial factors in the global fight against cybercrime.  While our main focus is on getting the best results possible for our clients, we also play an active role with the various media to help send the message about the danger cybercriminals pose to innocent people.

Key media appearances

In 2019, our ability to track and bust criminals featured in many media outlets around the world. In Australia, the 60 Minutes program aired a story twice that featured our Executive Chairman Ken Gamble busting criminals in Manila, the Philippines.

Mr Gamble’s investigation put an end to a multi-million criminal enterprise that scammed dozens of Australian people.

The 60 Minutes story called “Busted” may have run its course, but the story hasn’t ended for us at IFW Global, as we continue to peruse those criminals to try and help retrieve money for some of those victims.

Mr Gamble was also a regular feature in the national newspaper The Australian, quoted by journalists on various investigations involving cybercriminals and con artists.

Mr Gamble continues to be a regular feature in the podcast broadcast by The Australian called The Lighthouse, that is focussing on an investigation into the disappearance of a backpacker in the holiday hotspot of Byron Bay. Mr Gamble has offered his services pro-bono in order to help the family of the missing man.

You can catch-up on the podcast here.

National broadcaster SBS also featured Mr Gamble on its Insights program, talking about how the public can defend themselves against cybercrime by becoming more vigilant.

There have many more appearances in the media, such as The Sydney Morning Herald, including feature articles and insights from Mr Gamble about investigations into criminals.

The road ahead

2020 will see IFW Global feature once again in the media as we continue to share our thoughts, insights and advice on cybercrime.

One of the key cybercrime areas to be aware of in the year ahead is the explosion of foreign exchange scams. Authorities around the world are struggling to get a grip on the criminals behind them and it’s leading to a multi-billion-dollar industry.

We are already working on behalf of a number of clients and we will continue our media campaign to help people become aware of the scammers and their tactics.

We will continue to break cases and make headlines because at IFW Global we use all fronts to beat the criminals.

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