LEIGH SALES: There’s been a massive hack of the websites of 4000 Australian businesses. It’s being described as biggest cyber attack ever seen here.

All the companies have been left without an online presence, and none of the lost material is apparently recoverable.  It’s the latest evidence of a cybercrime wave hitting businesses all around the world. And it’s not just comparatively small Australian ones affected. Giants like Google, Sony and even the CIA have all been victims.  7.30 can reveal that tomorrow, the Federal Government will propose new cybercrime laws.  But as Tracy Bowden reports, at the moment the criminals are one step ahead.

BRAD BARKER, HALO CORPORATION: Cyber crime. It is the No. 1 organised crime case globally. You’re looking at about $3 trillion a year.

TRACY BOWDEN: Every day, the headlines tell the story of the ever growing cyber menace.

KEN GAMBLE, CHAIRMAN, INTERNET FRAUD WATCHDOG: Doesn’t matter how big or how secure you are. These cyber criminals, particularly the very highly organised ones, will find a way to penetrate your system.

Source: ABC 7:30

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