For the best part of 30 years serial and notorious conman Peter Foster had outsmarted authorities in several countries. His criminal career has seen him rip-off people all over the world to the tune of around $100 million.

His scams have involved bogus teas, slimming creams and sprays, bogus boxing matches and a sports betting scam.A few years ago, Foster became a fugitive, failing to turn up for a sentencing hearing in Brisbane, Queensland.That’s when IFW Global Chairman Ken Gamble teamed up with investigative journalist Justin Armsden to hunt him down. They spent the best part of year tracing his every step and doing what federal and state police couldn’t do – find him!

How IFW Global found Peter Foster

Ken Gamble used his extensive experience, investigative techniques and gut busting determination to eventually corner Foster in Byron Bay. Justin Armsden stormed the house he was staying in as his hideout, while several detectives stormed the scene. By racing through the house Justin flushed Foster straight into the hands of waiting police and the whole time Ken Gamble was filming the arrest on his iPhone.

The attached video is never seen before footage of Foster being walked in handcuffs by police to an awaiting ambulance, which took him to hospital until he was fit enough to go straight to jail.

Ken and Justin discovered that Foster was using the house to run the Sports Trading Club scam that reaped nearly $30 million from victims all over the world. But the story doesn’t end there for IFW Global. Ken Gamble embarked on an ambitious civil case on behalf of dozens of Sports Trading Club victims.

The case has rolled on for several years but IFW Global has stuck with it every step of the way through Ken’s persistence. Ken managed to freeze more than $10 million in overseas bank accounts that related to the scam as he fought to return as much money as possible to the victims.

That story and many more are the focus of a real crime podcast (in production) that will feature Ken Gamble and document the life and crimes of Peter Clarence Foster. Ken is set to be interviewed for a visual documentary on Peter Foster as well.

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