Mike Nasca is a highly accomplished former Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent who is now spearheading IFW Global’s operations in America. And he will be based on the frontline in the battle against fraud in the US – Miami, Florida.

It’s a strategic move by IFW Global, which is now recognised as a world leading private intelligence agency that specialises in cybercrime.  “South Florida is a hotspot for cybercrime. It is a global epidemic and there is no one geo-graphic area. The victims may be in Miami and the cyber criminals may be located abroad or vice a versa,” Mike explains.

“Recent statistics from FBI internet Crime Report showed that Florida reported over 21,887 victims of cybercrime in one year. Approximately $47.3 million dollars was reaped by cyber-criminals based in Florida and approximately $110 million were lost from Floridians to cyber criminals.”

IFW Global Executive Chairman Ken Gamble says the decision to set up an office in Miami will offer American victims of serious fraud a new global capability to track down offenders and recover lost funds.

“We have identified Miami as the ideal base for our US operations because it is recognised as an international hotbed for securities fraud and scam activity.

“I couldn’t’ think of a better person than Mike to take on the job of being in charge of our US operations. His achievements in the government sector speak for themselves and our clients will benefit from his experience and ability.”

The road to Miami

Plans by IFW Global to establish a strong presence in America gathered pace after Ken Gamble and Mike Nasca came together in south-east Asia.

“When I was a Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations, I was temporarily assigned to the HSI Attaché office located in Manila, Philippines as the Cross Border Financial Investigations Advisor. I met and worked with Ken and Allan (IFW Global’s Director of Global Investigations) on an investigation involving boiler rooms,” Mike says.

“Working close with IFW Global I realized that IFW Global is a group highly skilled experienced investigators in all fields that are part of a full-service Investigative agency which drew my interest to become a part of the team when I retired from government service.”

Mike spent nearly 25 years with US federal law enforcement, which means he has gained a vast amount of knowledge about the evolution of cybercrime and how best to tackle the problem.

“I have developed and maintained a long list of professional relationships with several domestic and foreign counterparts,” Mike explains.

“I have also conducted multi-jurisdictional investigations to identify and dismantle criminal organizations. My training and experience have provided me with excellent computer investigative skills to find money trails and the ability to unravel money laundering, and financial fraud schemes.”


Mike’s commitment and hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed, not least by the criminals who were no match for his investigative skills, but by various authorities, who singled him out for his results.

  • Recognized by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for his work on Project COLT. Project COLT (Center of Operations Linked to Telemarketing) is an international task force on telemarketing fraud and was responsible for seizing at least $12 million, to date
  • Canada Border Services Agency recognised Mike for his role in the investigation of a US citizen who attempted to travel into Canada to exploit a child living in Canada. His efforts helped to prevent horrendous crimes and saw successful arrests and charges
  • Recognized for training foreign law enforcement investigators, officers and prosecutors located in: Jakarta, Indonesia, Manila, Philippines and Bangkok, in financial, human trafficking and child exploitation investigations
  • Recognized by the Florida Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee (LECC) for my investigation and prosecution of $2 million-dollar fraudulent life insurance scam.
  • Recognised by the Florida LECC as part of Project Safe Childhood. He was the lead case agent on a team of law enforcement officers on the Northwest Internet Crimes Against Children, (ICAC) that prevented several children from being exploited.

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