The Akolade APAC Fraud Summit in Sydney continues to grow as one of the most important events on the calendar when it comes to fighting cybercrime. IFW Global Chairman Ken Gamble chaired the event again this year and here he outlines why the summit is so important.

“Put simply, building trust between government and private sector agencies to share relevant information is vital,”

IFW Chairman Ken Gamble

“Criminals are coordinating sophisticated cyber attacks every day, whether it’s simply to disrupt organisations or gain private information in order to commit widespread fraud.

“All stakeholders in the cybercrime fighting community need to be able to share as much information as possible to increase the chances of better crime detection and stronger responses to the actions of criminals.”

“Akolade APAC Fraud Summit is a key platform in helping authorities and private sector firms, like IFW Global, get together to build a bond”, Mr Gamble says.

He says that trust is a very hard to build, especially when it comes to fighting crimes where sensitive information is on the table, so face-to-face meetings at the summit put the right building blocks in place for stronger relationships among a variety of individuals and agencies.

“We had a terrific mix of delegates at the summit and the content and ideas delivered through keynote speeches reinforced to everybody in the room that there is a lot of really good information being gathered,” says Mr Gamble.

“And as we know sometimes it only takes the smallest amount of information to crack a fraud case but that information might be in the hands of a government or private agency that hasn’t really grasped the true value of it because their investigation might be in the early days.

“But just imagine if they were able to put those details into a virtual pipeline, for example, then we would all benefit from getting on top of cases early.

“Everyone in the room agreed at the summit that this all comes down to trust. That there is no easy solution at the moment but the best thing we can do is to continue getting together, workshopping ideas and collaborating with our strategic industry and government partners. Cybercrime is rapidly evolving and so must we”

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