The global impact of cybercrime will no doubt eventually become a daily household discussion. It seems like only a matter of time before someone has a story to tell about feeling the virtual cold hand of an anonymous criminal impacting their lives. Every week, I am seeing major news events surrounding cyber-attacks, such as the one on the Australian Government, Toyota in Australia and a medical firm in Melbourne; that’s in just one week and in one country.

Then the following week, I am watching the evening current affairs programs and there is another story involving a New South Wales detective being interviewed about children being stalked on Facebook for their personal details by cyber criminals. The detective didn’t mince his words, kids are under threat from cyber criminals.

Crimes carried out using the internet as a platform is one the biggest concerns and challenges of our times and it doesn’t look like easing. Billions of dollars globally are being spent on shoring up our digital defences but the breaches keep coming.

I am also speaking first hand as Chairman of IFW Global, where our client list is growing extensively every day with victims asking us to help retrace the digital footprint back to criminals mostly based in faraway foreign countries.

Our recent story on Nine Network’s 60 Minutes Australia highlighted just one area where organised cyber gangs are targeting individuals around the world, using boiler rooms to sell bogus stocks and shares. While the individuals involved will feel the impact of the law for their crimes, we at IFW Global will be working hard behind the scenes to recover stolen assets and retrieve money for the victims.

That’s just one way in which we fit in as a cog in the wheel fighting for justice for innocent people who become trapped by these criminals and left in financial ruin.

When you read of data breaches and personal details being stolen from individuals or organisations, you can guarantee that information will fall into the hands of another criminal down the chain with fraud on his mind.

Federal and state authorities are in a neck and neck race against criminals, who are using highly sophisticated and evolving techniques. They are attacking every day the digital defences that protect the government, corporate and personal information carried over the net.

To have any hope of one day gaining control over this modern-day scourge it has to be a collective fight.

That is why various authorities rely on IFW Global to help play our role in unmasking the criminals behind the scams and frauds that eventually evolve well after a data breach you read about on the news.

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