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Whether it’s law firms, major global corporations or high-net-worth individuals, IFW Global is growing rapidly as a trusted resource for commentary and information on cybercrime.

We not only pride ourselves on successful asset recovery and investigations but also the fact, more and more people are turning to us to learn about cybercrime and how to best fend off scammers and fraudsters. In a special Sky News Australia Fraud Watch segment, IFW Global Chairman Ken Gamble helps the panel and viewers understand in simple terms the importance of a coordinated approach to fighting organised criminal gangs.

As digital technologies and the online world continue to expand, the issue of privacy and cybersecurity is becoming increasingly more important. Ken Gamble, outlines his role in filling the ‘gap between law enforcement and the victim’, pursuing both the criminals as well as working towards ‘asset recovery’.

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Louisa Voggelenzang, head of client services at identity and cyber support service IDCARE, says while there are almost 19.5 thousand cybersecurity professionals working to combat internet crime in Australia, it’s still not enough to keep up with demand.

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Speaking with Sky News, Mr Gamble and Ms Voggelenzang discuss the impact of cybercrime and fraud on the victim, the signs to look out for, and what types of support services are available.

IFW Global Director Alana Maurushat, A Professor of Cyber Security at Western Sydney University, is also a widely respected global expert on issues facing modern businesses and individuals surrounding cybercrime.

Dr Maurushat explains payment diversion fraud and the influence of artificial intelligence in our special Emagazine, that is free to download.

It is a crucial read for businesses of all sizes.

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