The mother of Jayden Penno-Thompsett, who went missing in 2018 on the Flinders Highway in Queensland, has spoken out on “The Sunday Project” as they investigate the history of what some have called Australia’s Bermuda Triangle.

The road stretching from Mt Isa to Townsville, also known as “The Highway of Death”, has been the site of 12 disappearances and murders over the past 50 years. After an inquest into her son’s disappearance in 2018 found that he died due to exposure to the elements, Rachel Penno sought the help of IFW Global’s missing person investigator Ken Gamble to dig deeper.

“What I have established is that there are people in Charters Towers that have made very serious allegations about certain people in Charters Towers that may have been involved in Jayden’s disappearance, and that those people have not spoken to police”, said Ken Gamble when interviewed on the program.

While some people believe the disappearances and murders are the work of a serial killer, former criminal profiler Mike King disagrees, telling The Project “there are too many inconsistencies in the victims, the victimology, and the locations where these things occurred.”

Rachel Penno has set up a fundraiser to help with the costs of the ongoing search for her son.

Watch the full report below.

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