The digital footprint left by a missing backpacker’s mobile phone has unveiled startling evidence of a possible sinister twist the night he disappeared, following investigations made by IFW Chairman Ken Gamble.

In an often-emotional episode of Australia’s Under Investigation program on the Nine Network, Mr Gamble mapped out evidence he uncovered on behalf of the family of Belgian tourist Theo Hayez.

Theo disappeared in mysterious circumstances in 2019 after visiting a local bar called the Cheeky Monkeys. At this stage, Police have deemed his case as possible death by misadventure, suggesting that he fell from a clifftop late at night near the iconic lighthouse at Australia’s Byron Bay.

But Theo’s body has not been found and Ken Gamble’s year-long investigation suggests Police may have to rethink their theory and look more closely at the evidence surrounding Theo’s digital trail he left while using his mobile phone that night. The details were uncovered by Ken through exploring his online accounts with the help of his family.

Theo’s family appear on the program, where they describe the pain they continue to feel as so many questions remain unanswered around what happened to the much-loved 18-year-old adventurer that fateful night in Byron Bay.

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If you can help with information about Theo’s disappearance, please contact Police through Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or IFW Global through 1300 439 456.

Alternatively, learn more about hiring a private investigator for a missing person.

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