IFW Global has become aware of various theories being spread amongst the MFY community and felt that it was appropriate to release a public statement to clarify our position in the management of this investigation. 

IFW Global is conducting its own independent investigation into Metafi Yielders. IFW has not and will not disclose sensitive information regarding the investigation and its progress to any external stakeholders until our investigation is finalised. IFW clients will also be briefed with general updates only for operational security reasons. 

IFW Global has been taking independent steps to corroborate any information provided to us via external sources through our intelligence and investigation networks across the world. 

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is welcome and encouraged to come forward and provide any information regarding the Metafi Yielders investigation. Information gathered will be independently reviewed and analysed to verify the validity of the information. 

Our fraud investigation is ongoing, and we plan to interview everyone with links to the MFY scheme.  If you have yet to be interviewed, you will be contacted in the coming weeks. 

Anyone who wishes to participate in an interview or would like to provide information to IFW Global regarding this matter, please get in touch with us via telephone at +612 8328 0402 or via email at [email protected].

Authorised by: 

Ken Gamble
Executive Director & Chairman
IFW Global Investigations Pty Ltd
New South Wales, Australia

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IFW Public Statement – 9 February 2023

  • Investigation into Metafi Yielders (“MFY”) Investment Fraud

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