IFW Global has been contacted and made aware of a scam promising Covid payouts to certain individuals who qualify under a suspected bogus scheme called WCB Super Grants Scheme.

The scammers are setting up fake cloned Facebook accounts in the name of a target’s friends, and then sending direct messages purporting to be the friend. Once the friend connects, they are lured into believing they qualify for a payout and will need to pay advance fees to get the money released.

Australian Federal Government warning on similar scams

IFW Global has contacted Facebook and forwarded copies of the messages recently sent to a potential Australian victim named Michael M.  He received messages from his real friend “Richard” encouraging him to join the scheme. The real Richard’s FB profile has been cloned with the identical profile photo used.

How to report possible scammers

You can visit Scamwatch at www.scamwatch.gov.au to report to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), and you can contact the DSS fraud reporting hotline on 1800 054 312. You can also contact IFW Global on 1300 439 456

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