Physical surveillance and investigation

IFW Global harnesses a combination of technical and on-the-ground resources to action complex electronic and physical investigations worldwide.

Need accurate and actionable evidence that someone is engaging in illegal activities? It takes trained professionals to reveal the truth while remaining under the radar. Cyber intelligence and physical surveillance are highly specialist, labour-intensive skills that demand expertise and vigilance.

Our network of international investigators uses strategic cyber threat intelligence and advanced on-the-ground investigation techniques to pursue fraudsters across multiple global jurisdictions. We can monitor and track down persons of interest for individuals, multinational corporations and law enforcement agencies around the world.

If you have concerns about the suspicious actions of your employees, business partners, family members, friends or significant other, IFW Global can investigate and gather evidence on your behalf to be used in criminal prosecutions, civil actions or both. Contact us now to begin your investigation.

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What is covert physical surveillance?

Covert physical surveillance is critical to the success of any investigation. It entails watching suspects, gathering intelligence and documenting their movements without detection.

IFW Global’s experienced physical surveillance operatives utilise a broad range of world-class techniques and methods. We can perform both types of physical surveillance: fixed and mobile. Whereas fixed surveillance monitors the target at one specific spot, mobile surveillance involves following the target to observe activities on the move.

We are able to identify their residence, place of work, and any frequented location and identify any associations they may have. All of the information about their personal and business life can be documented and verified using our extensive databases.

From infidelity and fraud to corporate espionage and dispute resolution, our long list of successful surveillance operations is a testament to our commitment to methodical planning, honed through decades of being trusted by clients involved in sensitive matters.

What is cyber surveillance?

Cyber or electronic surveillance involves the strategic monitoring of online channels to identify suspicious behaviour. It is particularly suitable for cybercrime activities, or where physical surveillance poses an unacceptable risk to the investigation or investigators.

As cyber surveillance is subject to strict legal safeguards, it is important to partner with operatives who have the knowledge, skills and resources to conduct compliant investigations. We can build a convincing case of admissible evidence in complex cases through the diligent surveillance of a vast network of potentially criminal cyber activity.

IFW Global’s international investigative services have established headquarters around the world for strategic cyber intelligence operations and global asset recovery. Our centres are staffed with experienced, industry-leading cyber intelligence analysts who constantly monitor and analyse illegal online activity using advanced investigation techniques.

Physical surveillance experts with a proven track record

Experienced investigators

With backgrounds encompassing law enforcement, foreign intelligence, military special forces and corporate security, our licenced investigators are exceptionally skilled in covert and remote surveillance of all kinds.

Admissible evidence

We will deliver a concise investigation report featuring photographs and/or video footage that have been obtained legally. This helps to ensure that any information gathered is admissible in Court, equipping you to take corrective action if required.

Powerful strategies

Our investigators use sophisticated tracking techniques, cyber and physical surveillance tools, covert intelligence gathering and close relationships with local law enforcement agencies. These invaluable tactics have led to many raids, seizures and arrests.

Global resources

With open-source intelligence capabilities, direct access to state and federal databases and strategic relationships with law enforcement agencies around the world, we can place covert surveillance investigators in any scenario for strategic investigations.

Total confidentiality

We understand the vital importance of client privacy, which is why IFW will never share case details without your consent. For every investigation, personal data is securely filed and encrypted to ensure it is stored safely.

Unrivalled results

With a vast portfolio of successful outcomes, IFW investigators are trusted by individuals, multinational corporations and law enforcement agencies. In recent years, we have successfully tracked a multitude of high-profile internet fraudsters, assets and key persons of interest around the world.

Frequently asked questions

  • Cyber and/or physical surveillance can be crucial to investigations wherein criminals are concealing illicit activities. By monitoring and tracking their movements, whether online or in person, operatives can collect the evidence required to justify legal action.

    Surveillance also assists investigators in flagging and understanding the true nature of criminal syndicates, including the associations and locations of suspects.

    Clients also turn to covert surveillance for:

    • Family matters, such as infidelity, child support, domestic abuse and insurance claims; and
    • Business intelligence gathering, such as on competitors, business partners and employees.

    To organise covert surveillance with IFW Global, please schedule a consultation today.

  • Myriad tools are used in physical surveillance, depending on the circumstances. Common equipment includes tactical costumes, non-descript vehicles, binoculars, telescopes, listening devices, and other surveillance technology.

  • Yes, when actioned with the appropriate approvals and approaches, physical surveillance is legal. While covert surveillance is a widely used investigative tool, most nations enforce limitations due to privacy concerns.

    Therefore, these activities often require judicial authorisation. How and when private investigators or operatives may conduct surveillance depends on the jurisdiction and reasonable and probable grounds.

    As surveillance tools and tactics are heavily regulated, our operatives will always ensure that they are abiding by relevant legislation.

  • The cost of covert surveillance varies according to its location(s), length and complexity. At IFW, our surveillance services are charged at an hourly fee, plus travel expenses and a kilometre rate.

    Once your budget has been confirmed, IFW will recommend a surveillance package to determine the amount of hours required to achieve your objectives.

  • The duration of our surveillance services will depend on your budget and the circumstances of the case in question.

    For further information tailored to your case, please contact our investigators today.

  • Both cyber and physical surveillance services must be booked in advance. Depending on availability, IFW may be able to deploy surveillance operatives within 24 hours for urgent cases.

  • Trusted for our discretion and protection of client privacy, IFW operatives have been working with clients on sensitive surveillance cases for over three decades. To safeguard your personal information, all data is securely filed and encrypted.

  • As long as it has been obtained legally, evidence collected via cyber or physical surveillance may be admissible in a Court case.

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