When IFW Global Executive Chairman Ken Gamble led two major media outlets to the frontline in the fight against boiler room scams he warned that the scale of these illegal operations should not be ignored.

IFW’s investigations have stopped major boiler room operations in the Philippines, put criminals behind bars and saved potentially millions of dollars from being scammed out of innocent Australian victims. Now we see news emerge of a major bust by officers with The Australian Border Force at Brisbane International Airport that stopped at least major one boiler room operation from getting underway in Australia.  Australian Associated Press reports that The Australian Border Force officers stopped four Taiwanese nationals after they arrived at Brisbane Airport on a flight from Taipei. Five others from the same flight were discovered when officers examined the group.

Mr Gamble described the bust as very significant.  “This incident highlights the fact that foreign boiler room operators in SE Asia are now sending their gang members to Australia to set up operations, which shows how determined theses criminal groups are” Mr Gamble said.

“I’ve spoken publicly on the 60 Minutes program about the size and scope of these transnational boiler room gangs and the fact they will stop at nothing to get them going. “These guys were caught but it begs the question. How many have managed to slip into the country?”

In a statement, ABF said officers found evidence which indicated the group had travelled to Australia to take part in the illegal activity.  On Sunday a further six people arrived at Brisbane on a flight from Taipei. An investigation found 20 people offshore who planned to travel to Australia to take part in the illegal schemes.

Boiler room scams often involve foreign nationals brought to Australia on student or tourist visas. They are forced to live and work in poor conditions and carry out the phone scams which usually attempt to swindle money from victims.

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