Financial advisor Melissa Caddick has been missing since the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) raided her mansion over three months ago.

After being tipped off that Melissa’s advisory was operating under someone else’s financial services licence, ASIC found that approximately $20 million in ­clients’ funds passed through her accounts ­from 2018 to 2020.

Now, NSW Police is investigating her disappearance under the assumption that she is still alive.

If so, how has she evaded discovery for this long? We strongly believe the accused fraudster is living in disguise with the help of someone she trusts.

Living Incognito

Having investigated many missing person cases in the past, IFW Global Chairman and CEO, Ken Gamble, has offered his expert opinion on Melissa’s disappearance.

He believes she may be hiding in plain sight with a disguise, changing her makeup, dying her hair or even wearing a wig. As a quite inconspicuous looking woman, it would be easy for her to radically alter her appearance.

Where Is She Now?

NSW Police have been investigating approximately 50 tips about her potential location over the past 13 weeks, spanning everywhere from Victoria to Queensland.

Currently listed as a missing person, Melissa won’t be deemed a fugitive until criminal investigators issue a warrant for her arrest.

Learn more about Melissa Caddick’s case here.

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