IFW Global has launched an investigation against the fraudulent investment company known as Metafi Yielders. This cryptocurrency ponzi scheme reportedly scammed $200 million from 7,000 investors across the globe. Now its CEO, Michael Daher, claims that he is simply the “fall guy” for the operation. Mr Daher is fully cooperating with IFW’s investigation.

How it worked

Metafi Yielders purported to be a cryptocurrency Yield Farming project based in Australia. Promoted heavily across social media platforms and YouTube, it lured in investors from all over the world by promising to pay daily interest of 1-3% on cryptocurrency investments.

As with any ponzi scheme, investors did receive payments initially. According to Western Australian man and CEO of Metafi Yielders, Michael Daher, at first “everybody started getting paid and this was great”.

But the music stopped in mid-May as investments dried up – a turn of events that Mr Daher initially blamed on the crash of the cryptocurrency prices.

Soon after, Mr Daher was faced with the fury of Metafi Yielders’ investors from all over the world.

CEO claims he was “set up”

Despite being the only person investors dealt with throughout the entire scheme, Daher has recently reported to IFW that he was “set up’’.

He has lodged a formal complaint with authorities, claiming that he was misled into promoting Metafi Yielders. As it stands, Mr Daher maintains that he was simply contracted to be the frontman and social media producer for the scheme, and that the real mastermind is based overseas.

Next steps

If you suspect that you are a victim of this ponzi scheme, please action the below steps as soon as possible:

  • Submit an Investment Fraud enquiry to IFW Global to discuss your circumstances and discover what can be done to investigate and recover your losses.
  • You can also submit your enquiry against this scam using the form below
  • Report the scam via your government fraud report portal and/or Police:
  • Avoid sending the scammers any more money. Ignore payment requests regarding a “tax” or “fee” to release your funds, which is merely a last ditch attempt to steal as much as possible from you.
  • Beware of recovery scammers. There are many fraudsters using fictitious recovery agent websites as a front to scam more funds from victims. Do not let anyone gain remote access to your computer. Fraudsters may attempt this by claiming that they can assist you, but first need you to install AnyDesk or TeamViewer so that they can control your mouse and keyboard. Never ignore this red flag or you will lose more money.

IFW Global is a private intelligence and investigations firm that represents investors who believe they have been scammed, or duped into fraudulent schemes. We are strictly vetted by the NSW Police Force in Australia and the State of Florida in the USA. View and verify our investigator licences at https://www.ifwglobal.com/about/credentials.

Have you been targeted by this scam?

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Unfortunately we are currently unable to take on new clients for Metafi Yielders as our investigations are at an advanced stage.

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