Members of the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group on Monday arrested a computer science graduate for allegedly uploading pirated films and TV shows online.

Police identified the suspect as Rainier Tamayo, who was earlier complained by an international film group for leaking films on the internet, a News To Go report said on Tuesday.

Internet Fraud Watchdog (IFW) Executive Chairman Ken Gamble said they were “investigating the piracy, a person running a number of websites that were pirating a lot of US movies, big blockbuster movies online.”

IFW was able to trace Tamayo through his website, where he has been allegedly leaking films since 2011.

Tamayo reportedly earns about $2,500 or P120,000 from the advertisements on his website which receives almost 5,000 visitors monthly.

“A day after it was shown, it is already in the website. When you see that it’s online and free, why would you still go to the cinema?” PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group Public Information Officer Superintendent Jay Guillermo said.

“The effect of putting a movie online, you will deprive the directors and people working in the movies,” he added.

Police caught Tamayo in the act of uploading films in his home in Porac, Pampanga.

Recovered from him were several computer sets, laptops and routers.

Tamayo may be sentenced to serve six months to 12 years in jail for violating the Intellectual Property Code.

Guillermo, meanwhile, reminded the public to not patronize online piracy.

“When they find a pirate website, report it immediately,” he said.

He also warned that websites like this may contain malicious software or computer viruses.

“Once you download or click ang mga website, it can be a virus, Trojan or worm that can infect you computer and that can get the data saved in your computer. That is the problem that the people who access pirate websites tend to overook,” he explained. —Mav Gonzales/Erwin Colcol/ALG, GMA News

Source: GMA Network

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