IFW Global has received a number of complaints about a fraudulent investment company called Capel Court. The Capel Court scam purported to be the private wealth division of a legitimate company, licensed and regulated in Australia. The details of the legitimate company were used in the fraud to satisfy due diligence enquiries and to convince victims of the legitimacy of the scam firm.

The fraudulent website used in the Capel Court scam was https://capel-courtfinancial.com/.

This cruel, evil crime intentionally targeted Australian investors, many who are close to retirement, who have little hope of financially recovering from these crimes.

How It Works

This type of investment fraud is commonly known as a “boiler room” investment scam and are usually carried out by transnational fraud groups using fake names and technologies to mask their real identities and locations. These groups are opportunistic and are attractive to older Australians by offering higher than normal investment returns.

Capel Court was fed potential victim details from marketing companies who sponsor advertisements on Google. For example, when using the search term “fixed term deposits”, the Google Ads contained the link that led to the fraud.

Google Ads

Upon entering contact details with the marketing company, client details were forwarded to the Capel Court scammers. A Capel Court representative would make phone contact to discuss investment opportunities including Australian Government Bonds. After asking some qualifying questions, the Capel Court fraudsters would provide the legitimate credentials of cloned entities to assist with due diligence queries and a link to an online application form would also be provided.

When registered as a client and ID provided, details including where to remit funds were sent to the client in an invoice. The bank accounts provided were used for laundering money and never in the name of Capel Court.

The scammers maintained regular phone contact to lure their victims with more fake investments.

Money is never returned to clients and is never invested as purported. Claimed profits or gains are fraudulent.


Reported money-laundering bank accounts

Beneficiary name: Atlantic Management Pty Ltd
Bank name: National Australia Bank
Account number: 976577506
BSB: 084961

Beneficiary name: One Compass Investments
Bank name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Account number: 70125438
BSB: 062692

Beneficiary name: victims name
Bank name: Citibank
Account number: 476475918
BSB: 242200

Next Steps

If you are a victim of this fraud:

  • Immediately report your fraud via the Australian Cyber Security Centre fraud reporting portal at www.cyber.gov.au
  • Do not send the fraudsters any more money. Any request for payment of a “tax” or “fee” is their last ditch attempt to get more money from you.
  • Do not let the fraudsters gain remote access to your computer. Fraudsters will often offer to “assist” you by asking you to install AnyDesk or TeamViewer to remotely control your computer mouse and keyboard.
  • Submit an Investment Fraud enquiry to IFW Global to discuss your fraud and find out what can be done to investigate and recover your stolen money.

IFW Global Investigations is a private intelligence and investigations firm that represents investors who believe they have been scammed, or duped into fraudulent investment schemes. We are strictly vetted by the NSW Police Force in Australia and the State of Florida in the USA, and you can view and verify our investigator licences at https://www.ifwglobal.com/about/credentials


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