IFW Global has received a number of complaints about fake crypto traders calling themselves MarketsCG, AussieTrust, YorkCG, StocksCM, TopMarketCap, The Wealth Core and others using websites that include marketscg.com, aussietrust.com, yorkcg.com, stockscm.com, topmarketcap.com, and thewealthcore.com.

The following websites are suspected to be linked to the same fraud group:

brightertrade.com, tradefinancial.com, tradefinancial.co.za, tradefinancial.com.au, tradefinancial.eu, cpajunkies.com, plusoption.com, coinshype.com, coinshype.com.au, cpajunkies.com, cpaffiliates.com, greenfieldscapital.com, fxvc.com.au, fxvc.co.za, fxvc.com, securedvc.com, gfc.mobi

These cryptocurrency frauds are operated by a transnational fraud group using fake names and technologies to mask their real identities and locations. This group is opportunistic and leverages popular interest in cryptocurrency to find their “clients” (victims).

This group is known to work from at least one call centre, based in Eastern Europe, to exploit issues of jurisdiction and frustrate work by law enforcement. It is common for law enforcement to show only a cursory interest in these crimes as soon as they realise the money has gone overseas.

Red flags

  • Many of these sites do not list an office address or company details on their website. There are only a few phone numbers which are likely to be VOIP services that are not linked to a physical address.
  • These sites do not claim to operate under a financial services regulator and may be offering services unlawfully. The websites refer to the Marshall Islands or the laws of St Vincent & Grenadines which are common jurisdictions for these types of scams.
  • Lack of identity information about the owners, operators, staff etc. and all domain registration details are obscured by a privacy service based in Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • You may have been directed to make credit card or bank transfers to entities and/or accounts that appear unrelated to the firm. These entities and accounts may also be in countries that are not where the firm purports to operate from.

Next Steps

If you are a victim of this fraud:

  • Immediately report your fraud to the Police or via your national fraud reporting portal (for example: Australia www.cyber.gov.au, USA www.ic3.gov, UK www.actionfraud.police.uk, Canada www.antifraudcentre.ca)
  • Do not send the fraudsters any more money. Any request for payment of a “tax” or “fee” is their last ditch attempt to get more money from you.
  • Do not let the fraudsters gain remote access to your computer. Fraudsters will often offer to “assist” you by asking you to install AnyDesk or TeamViewer to remotely control your computer mouse and keyboard.
  • Submit an Investment Fraud enquiry to IFW Global to discuss your fraud and fin

IFW Global Investigations is a private intelligence and investigations firm that represents investors who believe they have been scammed, or duped into fraudulent investment schemes. We investigate the case, gather evidence, prove the fraud and then work with our law enforcement partners to prosecute. Or, in some cases we negotiate private settlements directly with the offenders involved to minimise or avoid legal action. We are strictly vetted by the NSW Police Force in Australia and the State of Florida in the USA, and you can view and verify our investigator licences at https://www.ifwglobal.com/about/credentials

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