Forex scam investigations

IFW has extensive experience in Forex scam investigations, combating fraud on fake trading platforms around the world.

Foreign exchange or ‘Forex’ trading carries serious risks, with online fraudsters exploiting the volatile market to get their hands on investors’ capital. At IFW, we provide specialist investigative services to help victims of Forex scams uncover the culprits behind the crime and recover their losses.

Harnessing a worldwide network of whistleblowers, expert witnesses and international partner agencies, IFW is a global leader in Forex fraud investigations. Equipped with over 30 years experience in evidence gathering, our licenced investigators unravel fraudulent Forex trading operations to reveal the criminals and money trails behind them.

This actionable intelligence and information can be used to help recoup your money and prosecute the scammers who pocketed it. Book a consultation with IFW to arrange an investigation today.

Forex scam investigators with a proven track record

World-class fraud investigations

Our cyber investigators, analysts and researchers have been gathering evidence to hunt down fraudsters across the globe for over 30 years. With our exceptional investigative skills on your side, you can maximise the likelihood of recovering your losses.

Connections in every country

IFW has extensive experience working closely with state, federal and international law enforcement agencies. Our investigators can also join forces with local and foreign correspondent lawyers to discover money trails and hidden assets on any continent.

Powerful techniques

With direct access to local databases, expert witnesses in cyber fraud, cybercrime and cyber forensics, and a network of confidential informants, IFW utilises a range of techniques to complete rigorous investigations into even the most complex Forex scams operating from foreign countries.

Actionable evidence

No matter where your investigation takes place, IFW will prepare a solid brief of evidence for use in criminal proceedings in the appropriate jurisdiction. Armed with proof of fraud, and the identities of those involved, you will be able to file complaints to prosecute the offender and take steps to recoup your money.

Renowned results

IFW investigators have been instrumental in helping international law enforcement agencies crack down on organised cybercrime groups, providing pivotal evidence that has resulted in major police raids, arrests and prosecutions around the world.

Total discretion

Our dedicated fraud investigators conduct every investigation with unfaltering professionalism, sensitivity and discretion. To ensure client privacy is protected, we encrypt all personal data and will only ever disclose case information with consent.

Falling victim to a Forex scam

Although Forex trading is not always fraudulent, this highly-technical market is prolific with financial scams that target all levels of investor.

Forex fraudsters operate out of call centres in countries such as Cyprus, Israel, Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova, Georgia, Bulgaria, South Africa, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and Myanmar. These scammers lure investors in with the promise of high returns and specialist support, posing as industry experts despite having little to no experience in trading foreign currencies – nor any intention of doing so.

Instead of investing the capital they receive, these criminals funnel it through an intricate money trail for their own use. By the time you realise that the trades are fraudulent, your funds have vanished.

If this sounds all too familiar, please contact our Forex scam investigators as soon as possible to discover how we can assist your case.

Frequently asked questions

  • If your money has ended up in another country, it may be recovered through the relevant jurisdiction’s Court process or a private settlement negotiation.

    A negotiated outcome is particularly likely once IFW has gained strong legal leverage against the fraudsters.

  • Given the legal complexities of Forex fraud, a successful outcome is never guaranteed. However, the stronger the evidence against the offenders, the more likely a legal case can be filed – and Court proceedings can often result in a recovery.

    At IFW, our investigators will conduct a preliminary assessment of your case to identify any commercial or financial risks of the investigation and advise on the realistic chances of recovery. Equipped with these expert insights, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not you wish to proceed with our services.

  • The duration of a Forex scam investigation depends on its complexity and whether legal proceedings are involved. Typically, IFW is able to track down the fraudsters and their locations within one to three months.

    After this milestone, a recovery strategy must be implemented in light of the investigation’s discoveries. This process usually includes preparing an initial demand letter, which, if ignored, is followed by legal action and/or the lodging of a criminal complaint and close liaison with law enforcement agencies.

    In this case, IFW investigators will assist law enforcement officials with the filing of search warrants and/or criminal charges against the offender, who will most likely end up arrested and prosecuted.

  • The fundamental features of Forex fraud are deception and dishonesty. Therefore, as the victim, you must prove that your decision to send money was based on the fraudster’s false statements about the purported investment.

    From there, the expert investigators at IFW will take care of the rest, gathering clear evidence of fraud to meet the criminal burden of proof required in Courts around the world.

  • The cost of investigating a Forex scam varies according to the complexity of the case, the amount of money concerned, and the country from which the offenders operate.

    In general, the larger the losses, the more challenging and expensive the investigation – particularly if your funds have been transferred across various financial institutions or money remitting platforms.

    IFW’s skilled investigators will prepare a personalised proposal for your unique case, budgeting to maximise the likelihood of a successful outcome.

  • Due to the amount of time, resources and expenses involved in tracking down criminals behind complex cross-border investment frauds, IFW does not take on any unfunded investigations.

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