Asset Recovery

IFW Global offers a range of Asset Recovery services both local and cross border. If you have been a victim of a scam or organised fraud, we have an international team that has recovered millions of dollars in assets for clients. For further information or to discuss assistance, fill in the attached form and our team will be in touch.

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  • Online Investment Fraud


    IFW Global work in close alliance with international law enforcement agencies around the world to combat cybercrime and recover your stolen money. 

    Download our free ebook to know more about online investment fraud and how to recover your stolen assets. 

  • Corporate Risk Due Diligence


    Our extensive network of international investigators and contacts regularly brings results to clients and companies who have been targeted by serious criminal networks or fraudulent parties.

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Successful companies have IFW Global behind them.

The effective and fast collation of safe, reliable and quality information gives them the edge when the truth matters.

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Whilst traditional crime continues to grow, the threat of cybercrime is one of the most defining issues of modern times. As the Internet continuously expands, online criminals are finding sanctuary in unregulated environments around the world. However, as cybercrime trends evolve, so do we.

IFW Global has teams in Cybercrime, Fraud, Investigation and Asset Recovery - offering both high net worth individuals and corporations, peace of mind, discretion and effective options when crime threatens their assets and the value held by their stakeholders.

For many years, IFW Global has been investigating, exposing and disrupting financially motivated criminals and syndicates in all parts of the world. We deliver valuable protection through targeted online investigations, covert surveillance operations and by regularly referring intelligence and evidence to state, federal and international law enforcement agencies.


Investigation & Surveillance

IFW succeeds in complex physical investigations through a combination of technical and physical resources, including the use of high-tech tracking techniques, surveillance tools, the use of communications intelligence and close working relationships with local law enforcement agencies. IFW Global is...

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Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery

IFW Global solutions go beyond traditional methods and instead integrates cyber intelligence, investigations, and on the ground monitoring into an end-to-end superior solution for recovering and tracking lost and stolen assets. By combining cyber investigations and ground based operations, IFW can ...

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Intelligence Reports

At IFW, we believe intelligence is the most powerful tool for countering security risks and threats in today’s age.  IFW works with an extensive array of well-placed contacts and sources around the world to produce tailored and customized intelligence reports on adversaries, competitors, crimina...

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