IFW Global has no affiliation with the fraudulent email addresses  


-“[email protected]

-“[email protected]

-“ [email protected]


-“[email protected]


-” ifw.global


-“[email protected]


IFW Global also has no association with

-International Fraud Watch (www.frauddetect.io)

-Scam Recovery Services (scamrecoveryservices.com)

-Cyber Crime Asset Recovery (www.cybercrimeassetrecovery.com)

-FIR Global (https://fir-global.org/index.html)

-Cyber Forensic Expert (https://cyber-forensicexpert.com)

-ReclaimPro Law (https://www.reclaimprolaw.com)

-Scammers posing as IFW Global (https://ifwglobal.tech/, https://ifw-recovering.com)

-Ocean Security (www.oceansecurity.ltd)

Fraudulent Phone Numbers

– ‪+44 7551 960876 (WhatsApp)– +44 7474 260528 (WhatsApp)– ‪+1 (223) 213‑9936 (WhatsApp)– ‪+1 (802) 902‑2427 (WhatsApp)– ‪+971 58 267 4661 (WhatsApp)– +48 609 522 102 (Phone)– +43 664 4674806 (Phone)– +31 20 808 03 19 (Phone)– +31 20 808 03 24 (Phone)– +31 20 808 03 28 (Phone)– +31 20 808 03 09 (Phone)– +44 7458 196276 (Phone)– +1 (647) 847-4537 (Phone)– +1 (647) 846-5032 (Phone)– +31 97010266081 (Phone)– +372 5903 6833 (Phone)– +31 6 37 33 61 76 (Phone)– +31 97010241643 (Phone)– +31 88 777 23 77 (Phone)– +255 736 981 350 (Phone)– +44 1252 917630 (Phone)– +44 20 3375 2350 (Phone)– +44 1233 552084 (Phone)– +31 85 208 41 74 (Phone)– +48609522102 (Phone)

Fraudulent Contacts

-“Benjamin Brenan” (Switzerland, or UK) +447405940744

-“Adom Léon” +2250704188678

-“Fake IFW Finance Department UK” +90 548 859 81 72

-“Jordan Bennett (ifw-finance.com)[email protected] 

-“Susan” [email protected]

-“Michael Connors” [email protected]

-“Jeremy Richmond” +44 961267582 (WhatsApp)

-Other names include “I.Murphy, Frederick Normar, Jacob Dawson, David Walker, Rhianna, James Callaghan, Wesley Goodwin, Robert Stelling, and head of office Sahra.”

Representatives from:

-IFW Finance (ifw-financial.com)

-International Fraud Watch (www.frauddetect.io)

-Scam Recovery Services (www.scamrecoveryservices.com)

-Cyber Crime Asset Recovery (www.cybercrimeassetrecovery.com)

-FIR Global (www.fir-global.org/index.html)

-Cyber Forensic Expert (www.cyber-forensicexpert.com)

-ReclaimPro Law (www.reclaimprolaw.com)

-Ocean Security (www.oceansecurity.ltd)

are not in any way connected to IFW Global.  These websites are operated by recovery scammers, using IFW’s name and purporting to be associated with IFW. 

Individuals associated with these scams and the fraudulent email address ifw-financial.com are including the IFW Global name on their marketing literature and verbally advising victims of the fraud that they are connected to IFW Global. All materials and claims associated with the ifw-financial.com email address are entirely false and all claims are suspected of being a recovery scam. 

Always compare the URL

Please be aware of scammers posing as IFW (https://ifwglobal.tech/, https://ifw-recovering.com, ifw-recovery.org, support-ifwglobal.com, [email protected], [email protected], ifw-global.io, oceansecurity.ltd) or IFW Global Finance Department UK ( [email protected])

Before parting with any money, you need to double-check the website’s URL, which can be found in your address bar. If it is not an exact match for www.ifwglobal.com, then you should exit it immediately. You should always ask for a video call, as IFW has a strict policy in place to meet its clients face to face on a Zoom or Teams call. Most scammers will never meet on a video call.

Have you already fallen victim to this online scam? Please contact IFW’s head office on 1300 439 456, [email protected]or submit an Investment Fraud enquiry now to discuss your fraud and find out what can be done to investigate and recover your stolen money.

As a global leader in fraud investigation, our experienced private investigators utilise exceptional resources and exclusive connections to crack down on criminals around the world – and this illegitimate website is no exception.

IFW Global Investigations is a private intelligence and investigations firm that represents investors who believe they have been scammed or duped into fraudulent investment schemes. We are strictly vetted by the NSW Police Force in Australia and the State of Florida in the USA, and you can view and verify our investigator licences at https://www.ifwglobal.com/about/credentials

Script Used By Scammers

1. ‘Hello (victim) this is the anti-fraud department IFW Global. You’re speaking with (Made up scammer name). I’ve called in regards to a scam that happened to you earlier last year where you’ve lost an investment.’

2. They will get you to explain your recent fraud including the total amount lost.

3. Then they will try to tell the story about what happened and how they managed to get your number/information. This can be very varied depending on the scammer.

4. Then the scammer will request the victim to download AnyDesk or some form of remote application. To control their computer and monitor their cryptocurrency account.

Please be cautious of scammers implementing this script or a similar strategy.

Website landing pages of the scams.


Please refer to the files below as these are fraudulent websites used by the offenders.

Fake literature used by the scammers


Please refer to the literature below as these offenders have been utilizing these documents and referencing IFW Global to engage potential victims.

IFW Global has an extensive array of integrated services with one objective

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