Covert surveillance services

IFW are global leaders in covert surveillance, utilising sophisticated techniques and technology to gather actionable intelligence and acquire evidence.

Covert surveillance is a powerful investigative tool used to monitor and unmask a person’s activities, all whilst remaining under the radar. Consequently, attempting to gather this information alone can be challenging and complex.

With over 30 years of experience in surveillance, IFW works on behalf of individuals, businesses, corporations, foreign governments and legal firms across the globe.

Whether your aim is to expose criminal misconduct or shed light on suspected wrongdoing, our skilled surveillance investigators use state-of-the-art equipment to collect lawful evidence for prosecution and create intelligence reports for informed decision-making. Contact us now to uncover the truth – and take legal action if necessary.

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Covert surveillance services can reveal activities such as:

  • Insurance fraud
  • Workplace theft and fraud
  • Corporate fraud
  • Corporate due diligence
  • Employee dishonesty and/or misconduct
  • Business partner dishonesty and/or misconduct
  • Misuse of business assets
  • Extortion and embezzlement
  • Copyright infringement
  • Involvement in illicit dealings
  • Partner infidelity
  • Hidden assets in divorce and child custody matters
  • Breach of court orders
  • Witness identification and location
  • Insurance fraud
  • Child welfare concerns
  • Adolescent behaviour

What is covert surveillance?

Covert surveillance is the discrete observation of an individual to gather intelligence on their daily activities, associations, and movements without their knowledge.

A valuable tool for uncovering information on a person who may be involved in some sort of wrongdoing, this surveillance usually involves recording and documenting activity for use as evidence in legal proceedings.

IFW is one of the world’s leading covert surveillance companies, offering lawful services in every country.

Covert surveillance investigators with a proven track record

Licenced surveillance investigators

With backgrounds including law enforcement, foreign intelligence, military special forces and corporate security, our licenced operatives are highly skilled in covert and remote surveillance of all kinds.

Lawful evidence

We will deliver a concise covert surveillance report featuring photographs and/or video footage that have been obtained legally. This helps to ensure that any information gathered is admissible in Court, equipping you to take corrective action if required.

Expert strategies

IFW uses innovative covert surveillance techniques and the latest electronic equipment to gather real-world evidence and intelligence for use in litigation. When authorised, extra technical resources such as lawful tracking devices may be used to achieve successful outcomes on operations.

Global reach

With open-source intelligence capabilities, direct access to state and federal databases and strategic relationships with law enforcement agencies around the world, our covert surveillance investigators can gather actionable intelligence and information in any foreign jurisdiction.

Complete confidentiality

Client privacy is paramount, which is why IFW never discloses case details without consent. When conducting an investigation, we will securely file and encrypt all personal data to ensure it is stored safely.

Renowned results

With a vast portfolio of successful outcomes, IFW surveillance services are retained by international law firms, multinational corporations, foreign government agencies, high-net-worth individuals, major television networks and digital media.

Frequently asked questions

  • There are two main methods of surveillance: physical and electronic. Physical surveillance involves on-the-ground observation of a Subject, often including stakeouts. Mobile physical surveillance may be required to track down and follow the Subject as they move. On the other hand, electronic surveillance utilises digital technology, such as covert video cameras and lawful GPS tracking used to monitor and record the Subject’s activity.

  • Surveillance is legal in most countries, depending on the methods used, case circumstances and jurisdiction in which it takes place. At IFW, licenced surveillance investigators abide by all relevant legislation to ensure every shred of evidence is gathered legally and admissible in Court.

  • The cost of covert surveillance varies according to its location(s), length and complexity. At IFW, our surveillance services are charged at an hourly fee, plus travel expenses and a kilometre rate.

    Once your budget has been confirmed, IFW will recommend a surveillance package to determine the amount of hours required to achieve your objectives.

  • The duration of our surveillance services will depend on your budget and the circumstances of the case in question.

    For further information tailored to your case, please contact our investigators today.

  • Surveillance must be booked in advance. Depending on availability, IFW may be able to deploy surveillance operatives within 24 hours for urgent cases.

  • World-renowned for its discretion and protection of client privacy, IFW has been working with clients on sensitive surveillance cases for over 30 years. To ensure your personal details are protected, all data is securely filed and encrypted.

  • Provided it has been obtained legally, surveillance evidence can generally be used in a Court case. The types of cases where surveillance evidence is commonly admitted include family lawsuits, litigation and fraud investigations.

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