Fugitive investigators

For over 20 years, IFW has been tracking, exposing and facilitating the arrest of fugitives responsible for financial scams, frauds and other criminal activity.

Before you seek justice, you need to find the culprit behind the crime. Our fugitive investigators track down offenders on the run so that you can take legal action against them.

Harnessing over three decades of experience, IFW uses an extensive network of associates around the world to expose the most elusive of individuals. In recent years, we have helped law enforcement to locate Interpol fugitives.

If you need to identify assets and recover damages from a criminal whose whereabouts are unknown, IFW Global can locate the fugitive as well as any connected assets or bank accounts for freezing and seizure through a court of law.

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How can a fugitive investigator assist you?

Our fugitive investigators track down and expose criminals on the run with the ultimate goal of enabling their arrest. These high-risk operations include critical tasks such as:

  • Devising a dynamic strategy that leverages all required resources to pinpoint the most effective investigative routes
  • Collecting, analysing and recording evidence
  • Pursuing leads on a fugitive’s location
  • Liaising with relevant law enforcement teams
  • Making decisions depending on risk, costs and benefit analyses
  • Preparing evidence for use in the appropriate jurisdiction
  • Leading or supporting in raids, searches and arrests

Fugitive investigators with a proven track record

Licenced fugitive investigators

Equipped with backgrounds such as law enforcement, foreign intelligence, military special forces and corporate security, our experienced operatives are highly skilled in fugitive investigations across the globe.

Admissable evidence

We will provide a comprehensive investigation report including photographs and/or video footage that have been obtained legally. This helps to ensure that any information gathered is admissible in Court, assisting you to take corrective action if necessary.

Powerful strategies

IFW uses specialist techniques and advanced electronic equipment to uncover real-world evidence and intelligence for use in litigation. When authorised, additional technical resources like lawful tracking devices may be employed to secure successful outcomes.

Global connections

With open-source intelligence capabilities, direct access to state and federal databases and strategic relationships with law enforcement agencies on all continents, our fugitive investigators can collect actionable intelligence and information in any foreign jurisdiction.

Total confidentiality

Client privacy is of utmost importance, which is why we will never share case details without your consent. When performing an investigation, personal data is securely filed and encrypted to ensure it is stored safely.

Unrivalled results

With an extensive portfolio of successful investigations, IFW fugitive tracking services are favoured by international law firms, multinational corporations, foreign government agencies and high-net-worth individuals.

Frequently asked questions

  • A fugitive is someone who has escaped custody or fled to avoid arrest. Activily avoiding law enforcement, this individual can pose a significant danger to public safety.

    Often moving from country to country using fraudulent travel documentation, fugitives tend to be opportunistic, funding their escapades with continued criminal acts.

  • Once a fugitive is caught, they must face the consequences of their crime. Australian extradition laws state that a fugitive discovered outside the jurisdiction where the alleged offence took place must be returned to this jurisdiction for trial or punishment. This applies on both a state and country level.

  • The cost of a fugitive investigation varies depending on its location(s), length and complexity. At IFW, our services are charged at an hourly fee, plus travel expenses and a kilometre rate.

    Once your budget has been confirmed, IFW will recommend an investigation package with the proposed amount of hours required to achieve your objectives.

  • The duration of an investigation rests on your budget and the circumstances at hand. For more information tailored to your case, please contact our fugitive investigators now.

  • You must book an investigation in advance. Depending on availability, we may be able to deploy fugitive investigators within 24 hours for urgent circumstances.

  • World-renowned for its discretion and dedication to client confidentiality, IFW has been trusted to handle sensitive fugitive tracking cases for more than 30 years. To ensure your personal details remain private, all data is securely filed and encrypted.

  • Yes. As long as it has been obtained legally, evidence can typically be used in a Court case.

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