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IFW investigates betting and sports investment scams around the world, bringing the truth to light so that you can take legal action.

Sports betting is a legitimate yet largely unregulated industry – and it is full of fraudsters who target fans eager to earn a winning. Sports bet scams persuade victims to invest in risk-free gambling systems that claim to ensure a profit. Unfortunately, these ‘guarantees’ are too good to be true.

In reality, you are left with losses and no apparent way to get your money back. Often, the orchestrator has vanished. Sound all too familiar?

If you feel that you have fallen victim to a betting and sports investment scam, please contact our experienced investigators as soon as possible. We will uncover actionable evidence to help you track down and prosecute the culprit behind the betting fraud. Arrange a consultation today.

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Common types of sports bet scam

Computer prediction software

Predictive software professes to predict a game’s outcome based on various factors and expert opinions, promising high returns on events like team sport matches and horse races.

Team sports betting scams allegedly make predictions based on historical trends and odds offered by different bookmakers. Meanwhile, horse racing scams claim to identify opportunities based on weather, horse and jockey conditions. This software might sound impressive, but its information can usually be gathered from simple sources like your local newspaper – and it is certainly not foolproof. Rather, it’s just a means to swindle your savings.

If you have encountered this type of sports bet scam and would like to crack down on the perpetrator, please contact our investigators immediately.

Betting syndicates

Sports bet scammers utilise social media to entice victims into becoming members of betting syndicates. The orchestrator will claim to bet on behalf of the syndicate with the money in your account, and then share a percentage of overall profits with you.

The catch? To open a sports betting account, you must pay a compulsory sign up charge and, in most cases, monthly membership fees. As well as never seeing a cent in return, you’ll find it impossible to get a refund on your investment.

If you have fallen victim to this form of betting fraud and would like to seek justice, please contact our highly-skilled investigators today.

Sports investment schemes

Sports investment schemes target individual professionals, small businesses, retirees and other vulnerable victims with funds to steal. They tend to be advertised as smart investment opportunities at trade fairs, shows or online. Alternatively, you may be approached through a cold call, email or letter.

The scammer will use technical jargon such as ‘sports trading’ and ‘sports arbitrage’ and ‘sports tipping’, as well as glossy marketing materials, to appear legitimate. They may even purport to be registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This is all a guise to get their hands on your hard-earned savings.

If you have lost money to a sports investment scheme, please contact our renowned investigators for proactive support.

Sports bet scam investigators with a proven track record

Renowned investigators

A global leader in sports bet scam investigations, IFW is regarded for its ability to unearth evidence and combat fraud. Our highly-experienced investigators, researchers and analysts leave no stone unturned, shedding light on your case with exceptional skill.

Dynamic investigations

We tackle every betting and sports investment scam investigation with a proactive approach that evolves with every breakthrough. Our investigations utilise direct access to local databases, expert witnesses in cyber fraud, and a network of confidential informants.

Global resources

We leverage exclusive relationships with state, federal and international law enforcement agencies across the globe. Our investigators can also liaise with local and foreign correspondent lawyers to uncover money trails and hidden assets in almost any jurisdiction.

Admissible evidence

Sports betting scams can have devastating financial consequences. To help you take legal action against the offender and attempt to recover your losses, we will provide a rigorous brief of evidence for criminal proceedings in the relevant jurisdiction.

Complete confidentiality

IFW conducts every sports bet scam investigation with unfaltering professionalism and discretion. Enjoy peace of mind that your personal data is encrypted and that case details will never be disclosed without your consent.

Frequently asked questions

  • Common warning signs of a betting and sports investment scam include:

    • Promises of extraordinary returns and risk-free profits.
    • The sales pitch features glossy promotional content showcasing exceptional returns.
    • Technical terms are used to persuade you to enter the scheme.
    • Pushy language and the claim of limited places are used to pressure you into joining the scheme.
    • Frequent contact by salespeople hounding you to take part in the scheme.
    • The organisation has no clear trade records.
    • You are requested to provide your bank account details and/or personal information to claim your prize or profits.

    By watching for the above red flags, you may be able to put an end to the betting and sports investment scam before it causes devastating financial harm.

    If you believe that you are being targeted by a betting and sports investment scam, please contact IFW Global now to arrange a consultation.

  • Sports bet scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated with the rise of technology and online platforms. Protect yourself and your business with the below measures:

    • Avoid any schemes or systems that promise instant or guaranteed profits.
    • Be sceptical of high-pressure sales ploys, including those with vague performance reports and graphs displaying unrealistic returns.
    • Hang up on any calls from people attempting to sell you prediction software, a betting syndicate or a sports investment scheme.
    • Seek independent legal and financial advice before investing any money into a betting scheme or system.
    • Research the organisation selling the scheme or system – check its credentials, physical address, contact details, trade history and other key indicators that it may be a scam.
    • Keep an eye out for any fees associated with a betting scheme or system.
    • Make sure that it is possible to cancel any subscriptions you hold, and that you know exactly how to do it.
    • Never share financial or personal information via social media.
  • If you have been targeted by a betting and sports investment scam, please take the below actions urgently:

    • Do not invest any more money in the scheme or system.
    • Report the crime to Scam Watch, ASIC, your financial institution, local police and social media provider(s) so that each organisation can assist you in moving forward.
    • Contact IFW Global so that we can help you to crack down on the orchestrator behind the scam. This high-stakes procedure requires the resources and expertise of our skilled investigators.
  • Betting and sports investment scam investigations generally take between one and three months. This duration depends on the sophistication of the scam in question and whether you would like to take legal action against its perpetrators (s).

    If the offenders are identified and tracked down, our investigators can work with law enforcement officials to help file search warrants and/or criminal charges – a time-consuming task that may extend the overall procedure.

  • The cost of a betting and sports investment scam investigation varies according to the complexity of the scheme or system, the losses incurred, and the jurisdiction in which the orchestrators operated.

    Before we commence the investigation, we will prepare a tailored proposal that recommends a budget to maximise the probability of a successful outcome.

  • Whether or not an investigation is successful depends entirely on the specifics of your case. The more actionable evidence our investigators gather, the greater the likelihood that you will be able to bring the scammer to court.

    To estimate the likelihood of identifying and locating the offender, we will perform a preliminary assessment of your case. You then may choose whether or not to proceed with the sports bet scam investigation.

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